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CASA DA FEIRAVELLA - The facilities of House Feiravella mantinen gives the flavor of the traditional thing providing a suitable place for the rest.
The house has been remodelled creating a series of dependences with great captivation for recreation of the guests.
Rehabilitated in 2001 the original structure of the building has been kept, re-adapting the stays of the iterior and modifying the spaces of doors and windows to improve the access and the luminosity for the new use. The materials used for the rehabilitation are stone and wood, respecting the architectural traditional structure of the zone and supporting the appearance of the past, beside minimizing the landscape impact, providing the maximum comfort, warmth and freshness inside the housing.
The clients can enjoy 9 wide double rooms with bath placed two of them in the ground floor and seven in the high plant(floor), harmonious decorated.
The top part offers to the clients with an espacisa room of being and a zone of gallery, and in the ground floor with a wide dining room, a glazed cloister and a zone of lareira in that stands out the chimney that gives him(her) to the stay a very cozy(hospitable) environment. It(he,she) possesses(relies on) also two bathrooms, zone of receipt and an elegant garden fruit-bearing trees and swimming pool.
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Feira Vella nº 15
Entrimo Parque Natural Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés

Feira Vella nº 15 - Entrimo Parque Natural Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés Reserva Internacional delaBiosfera. - 'BAIXA LIMIA' - (Ourense) - casadafeiravella@gmail.com - 988434963-610526405
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